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July 01 2017


Cinema Box Apk Official Website Links

 Cinema Box Apk Official is the mobile app that can be used to download and stream movies, anime and TV shows on your Android device. This app is also compatible with Google Chromecast.17 decades and 10 movies in, the show still has not given us one female guide. Nor has it declared any special, concrete plans to do so later on. Nevertheless, they have got lots of chances to alter class. It is only a matter of whether the studio decides to take benefit.Up to now, the center X-Men movies have tended to comprise mixed-gender ensembles with guys like Professor X, Magneto, and Wolverine from the lead. On the other hand, the upcoming sequel to Apocalypse relies on the Dark Phoenix saga in the comics, which might push Sophie Turner's Jean Grey into the forefront.

Logan established her as a promising possible successor to Wolverine, and also a young woman lead would result in an interesting change of pace in the franchise. As of yet, however, Fox has not formally announced any plans to bring her back.Now, that is not always a terrible thing. Logan just opened a couple of months before, and it is understandable if Fox requires a bit more time to find out where to carry that story. Given their poor track record with female leads, however, it's difficult not to stress the studio will allow this hot opportunity slip them completely.

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Last but not least, Sony is now in the midst of attempting yet again to create a cinematic world from its small Marvel properties, along with both names announced up to now are Venom and Silver & Black. The latter of These is a superhero Film with 2 female leads (Silver Sable and Black Cat), and Contains Gina Prince-Bythewood
While we do not know a great deal about Silver & Black at this time, Prince-Bythewood definitely seems to be an exciting selection of director.Furthermore, Prince-Bythewood brings some much-needed diversity into the superhero scene, which so far has been dominated by white faces before and supporting the camera. She will be the first girl of color ever to helm a Marvel or DC superhero film.

Assuming that is, the job ever gets that way. Prince-Bythewood's track record might be sound, but Sony's is not, at least in regards to building superhero franchises. The studio was attempting to spin off its Marvel properties because the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man age, with little to show for this. Here is hoping this time differs, if only because it would be a real bummer to lose out on a Prince-Bythewood-directed female superhero group up.

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